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    ONE SHOT: To say Craig was stunned would be a massive understatement. He had thought he had been there undetected but aparently not. As he was standing there trying to decide what he should do next the door was opened and standing before him was Ethan in only a pair of boxers. Craig had to admit he was every bit as hot as his younger brother. Ethan seemed to size Craig up once again before he said. "Look you either come in or go back to bed. Otherwise someone might see you and then me and Daniel will be in deep shit." Craig on a whim decided to go in and see what happend. After all what harm could it possibly do. When Craig stepped around Ethan he saw Daniel see him and a massive smile crossed over his face. Ethan closed the door and then joined the other two on the floor. Craig was full of questions.

    "Oh my god are you two like together...... I mean i always picked you for being totally straight Daniel." Daniel just smiled wider as he said. "Yeah were together have been for a while now. No one knows about me. Except of course Ethan here and Matt knows as well. They are literally the only ones. And now so do you." Craig really didnt know what to say or do. So he just sits there silently for a few moments. Daniel and Ethan look at each other nervously for a moment. Worried that they may have misunderstood what was going on between Craig and Matt, and thast maybe they had just made a massive mistake. But their fears were flushed away when Craig finally said. "Whoah dude......Man that is so cool." Daniel, who used to work as gay phone sex operator looked slightly suprised by the reaction but then he gave a short laugh. "Yeah I guess it is. I would also have never guessed abut you."

    Craig smiled as Ethan just sat and watced all of this unfolding. Daniel was only wearing a pair of boxers as he sat on the floor with the two boys. "So what is the deal with you and Matt." Craig was suprised to hear Ethans voice. He had almost forgotten he was there. "Well i feel something deep for him and he feels it for me as well." Ethan looks skeptically at him again. But then he lightens up a bit and says. "Okay. But you should be warned. Matt is a very delicate and special boy you have to be careful otherwise someone might get hurt." Craig had had enough and he wanted answers. "Right thats it... why the hell does everyone keep saying that. What the hell do you mean by it." Ethan and Daniel were both shocked by the outburst. But Ethan shushed Craig and told him to keep it down. "Look it doesnt matter just be careful. He attaches to things quickly without really thinking things through. Just be careful."

    Craig nodded slowly. He still didnt understand but he decided to let it go for now. Hed find out another time. But now he decided that maybe it was time to ltwo alone to do their own thing. But as he moved to get up Ethan grabbed his arm and asked in a worried tone. "Where are you going." Craig smiled down at the boy and said in a quiet tone. "Im going to bed so that you two can have fun." Once again Craig went to get up but this time Daniel stopped him and said. "You dont have to go. You can stick around if you like." Craig wasnt sure of how he should reply to the staement but after much deliberation he decided that he had nothing to lose. "If I stay youve got to promise not to tell Matt." Ethan and Daniel let out a small laugh. "Trust me he wont give a shit but if you want us to keep it a secret then we will." Craig was satisfied with the answer and the boys removed their remaining clothes.

    So as the three boys now sat naked looking at each other they were waiting for someone to start the ball rolling. "Well to be honest theres one hing I have wanted to do since the start of thje season." Daniel leant forward and planted the most passionate kiss Ctaig had ever experienced. When they came up for air Daniel licked his lips. "Mmmm youre a fucking awesome kisser." Not wanting to feel left out Ethan alos laid a kiss on Craig. "Yeha i have to agree with you babe." Craig was still slightly shocked and then when Daniel gently pushed him so he was laying in the carpet he soon felt the warm wetness of Daniels mouth envelope his now rampantly hard cock. As Daniel began to suck on Craigs cock Craig could see Ethan place himself between Daniels legs and he saw Daniels 5 inches of mean slowly disapear into the boys eager mouth.

    As Daniel continued to suck Craigs cock for all he was worth Craig knew he wasnt going to last long. He was moaning and writhing with pleasure. "Oh god Daniel...." Daniel raised his eyes and grinned around the hard cock in his mouth. Meanwhile Ethan was really going to town on Daniels meat and it was driving him insane. Craig was getting extremely close to blowing his load. "Oh my god Daniel im going to cum soon...... Oh god." Daniel once again just grinned up at Craig as he sucked even harder seeking all the boy juices that Craig could give him. Craig saw Daniel raising and lowering his hips fucking his cock deep into his lovers throat. Craig started to shake as he moaned "oh god yeah....Dan.....Daniel oh ,,, here it comes."

    Craig let loose with five full shots of his cream straight into Daniels throat. He swallowed every last drop as he really started to fuck Ethans mouth then he groaned and said. "Oh baby here it comes swallow all of youre lovers milk." Then he unloaded deep down Ethans throat. The boys pulled apart.